Just trust and let you advice in order to achieve success together through bakery franchise, we offer you:

  • First integral franchise.
  • Highest quality products available in the market, exclusives because of be its manufacturers.
  • From first contact the best management team works for you.
  • If you have local, we advise whether is the best for our bakery franchise success and approval.
  • If not have local available, we compromise to find the most properly within two months and negotiate the best price and conditions.
  • Selection and training staff, for this our HR department will seek the best profile that fits franchise.
  • From the moment you take part of PANNUS® network, you will not worry about any formality, our professionals will do it for you.
  • Our DELIPATESSEN® range, unique and exclusive of us brand that makes us different, the best world and sector quality that we are offering.
  • Be the only ones who have own logistic and sales network, being present in most country areas.
  • Our PANNUS® and DELIPATESSEN® brands.
  • The most accurate and elegant establishments.
  • Our technicians and engineers will take charge of all papework and start-up according with established legal norms compliance.
  • Our execution and coordination construction team will work for you have your business ready for its start-up, with all required to open; equipment, furniture and all accessories.
  • Tax and labor custom advise for all our franchisees.
  • Continuous support and development, and PANNUS® especialization.
  • Insurance group all our franchisees, to have the best and most appropiate insurance company.

How are our bakery franchises?

- Our franchises fit exclusively two modalities:

a) without tasting b) with tasting

- You can have your franchise from a 60,000 euros minimal investment.

What local is needed?

- 50 meters minimum for A modality.

- 100 meters minimum for B modality.

Canon is contributed?

Our fee is 8,000 euros

Royaltys are paid?

Sales royaltys are not paid.

have a local?     Si   No

Self Employment     Si   No

Investor     Si   No

Work experience in bakery    
Si   No

Work experience in Coffee    
Si   No

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